Treena is a Christian motivational speaker, gospel singer, and  radio host. She offers inspirational messages and music for Christian audiences of all ages.  Treena brings a unique personal touch to her ministry through minute long musical messages, called Treena's Treen'gles! They are a Song-votional available by phone, email, facebook.  Treena is from Carbondale Il and would love to serve you.     

                             The Latest Treen'gles - Song-votionals

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Treena's debut album contains a variety of musical sounds produced by the best  Nashville Tn has to offer. The music is all original with the honor of being reviewed by Universal Record Executives. This project offers country, gospel, ballads, blues, with a mix of pop and carribean inspiring tunes. Available on amazon, itunes, or an original autographed Cd can be sent directly to you through our store. Thank you for shopping with us today! Expect to see three new releases within the next year from Treena.




Definition of a Treen'gle - /triNG'gel/

1).a daily devotional with a musical message  2) a short tune with an inspirational word of the day 3) designed to be easily remembered 4) song-votional

5) jingle + Treena = Treen'gle. 

Currently you can recieve a weekly Treen'gle by phone, just hit the sign up button now to be added to her weekly call list. Hear the heart of God expressed through a 90 sec musical melody on busy days.Treen'gles are currently in Nashville studios for professional production. 






Treena Wicoff has a heart to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Treena's enthusiasm is contageous and her love for the Lord is magnetic. She is available for most any event. Treena is a stand alone soloist and speaker but also travels with a family band, Legacy, when possible. The music is a variety of Christian genres' sure to please everyone in attendance. For bookings contact 618-967-5500 or or use the contact page on this website.  

Listen to the newest Treen'gle and be inspired!

Hear directly from Treena's Heart 

Treena's words and music soothe the soul, & opens the heart to receive the gospel. 

Southern Gospel     Times

This magazine is a great source of gospel music, information and news. It contains articles of inspiration by a variety of writers including Treena. Check it out!

I think you will enjoy it! 

Pocket Full of Sunshine Radio Talk Show

This weekly 30 minute live talk time with Treena will inspire your soul and encourage your heart to trust God. A variety of subjects are covered on this fun lively entertaining show. Listen live every Tuesday at 4 pm (central standard time). Click on the link below to explore WXAN Radio! 

Treena's Treen'gles

God starting giving Treena jingles in 2005. She felt impressed to call and sing these to friends and family. SInce that time Treena has expanded these calls to hundreds of people. Now they are  affectionately called Treen'gles. These short musical messages have a way of soothing the soul.

Click on the link below to begin this service.

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